Video: “Kids endorse a presidential candidate”

Eric Pfeiffer

One thing you can pretty much pencil in during a presidential election season is intense media scrutiny of the various candidates and their financial assets. That focus tends to be aimed more at Republican candidates, and Mitt Romney has been feeling the heat of that coverage over the past week, with increased attention being paid to his previous work at Bain Capital and his reluctance to release his personal income tax returns.

In this video, the focus on Romney's wealth takes a more comedic shift as a group of young "rich kids" offer their presidential endorsement to Romney. From the video:

"I'm rich. I have more money in my pocket than you can make in a year. We're billionaires … yay! I'm really rich. Do we really want a president who isn't rich? My Dad owns over 6,000 parking lots. Paid for by us, rich kids for Romney."

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