Video: Cat stresses out over impending meal

Mike Krumboltz

Yahoo! editors have selected this video as a favorite of 2012. It first ran in Yahoo! Screen in September and was one of the most popular viral cat videos.

You have to make a pretty good cat video to land a spot as an all-around favorite—after all, the genre is kind of crowded.

In this clip it's clear that good table manners, when one is hungry, are highly overrated. First, the cat waits impatiently on top of some boxes for the automatic food dispenser to do its thing. But time apparently seemed to crawl. So, rather than waiting another second for the contents to be dumped, this orange kitty paws and claws the machine until it releases the dry goods.

But the fun doesn't end there. When, at long last, the food appears, the cat chows down with a furious intensity.

OK, so the creature lacks a certain dignity. But when you're hungry, dignity is usually the first thing to go.