Urban Outfitters under fire for Rx-related products

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow
Urban Outfitters under fire for Rx-related products

Popular retailer Urban Outfitters is under fire for selling a line of products that some say glamorizes prescription drug abuse.

KABC in Los Angeles reports that the store is selling shot glasses that resemble pill bottles, flasks that feature a prescriptionlike label for "Boozemin" and "syringe shot shooters." The gag products are available in stores as well as online.

The online product description for the syringe shot shooter reads: "Prescribe yourself a small dose of pleasure. Syringe-shaped shot container - press down top to squirt out liquid. Fill it up with booze and let the healing begin!"

KABC interviewed documentary film producer Natalie Costa, who is leading a charge to get the items removed. Costa, executive producer of "Behind the Orange Curtain"—which looks at how kids in wealthy Orange County are abusing prescription drugs—said, "It's not fun, it's not a novelty, and parents are losing their kids. We have a huge addiction problem. They need to find something else to sell."

Costa added that Urban Outfitters appeals largely to tweens, a group that could be influenced by the products.

KABC reached out to Urban Outfitters, which didn't return the station's calls.

Urban Outfitters is no stranger to controversy. In December, the company drew criticism for a holiday catalog filled with curse words. And in 2011, Urban Outfitters was heavily criticized over accusations that it stole jewelry designs.