Twitter turns 8. Some awkward and funny first tweets

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Twitter has come a long way in its eight years. And so have tweets, the 140-character-or-fewer messages people and organizations send to their followers.

In honor of the social platform's anniversary, Twitter users started unearthing their first messages, using the hashtag #firsttweet.

We rounded up a selection of the best ones from companies, individuals and organizations. If there is a theme here it's, "We're on Twitter. Can anybody hear us?"

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey published the very first tweet on March 21, 2006.

Twitter's first official company tweet came on July 11, 2007. The message wasn't exactly Neil Armstrong-esque.

July 6, 2007, was a hot one, according to the first tweet from Yahoo News.

How about President Obama? His first tweet came in 2007, well before he was president.

Sarah Palin? She tweeted a promo for her "Going Rogue" book tour.

CNN's first tweet was something you might expect from TMZ.

Speaking of TMZ...

Here's the Biebs' deep thoughts, circa 2009. MySpace(!)

Bill Gates tweeted for the first time in January 2010. Note the quotation marks. Was the hello sarcastic?

Perpetual Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio was all business from the start.

Kate Upton's first tweet must have had plenty of people clutching their pearls in horror.

Bill Clinton didn't join Twitter until 2013, but he made a splash with his first message.

The White House didn't get on Twitter until 2009. The first tweet was polite if not memorable.

God (or at least someone on Twitter purporting to be God), started off with a bang.

Tweet or do not tweet. There is no try.

The first tweet from The New York Times.

"The Daily Show" didn't get on Twitter until 2010; rather hard to believe.

Finally, if The Onion had its way, there would be no social networks.

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