3 years and 120 miles later, a missing dog is found

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

If dogs could talk, this one would have quite a story.

Three years after disappearing from his Albuquerque home, a dog named Yoshi was found more than a hundred miles away at an animal shelter in Las Vegas, N.M., KOAT.com reports.

How Yoshi, a red heeler and husky mix, ended up so far away from home is still a mystery and will likely remain one.

Monique Martinez adopted the pooch when Yoshi was just a puppy. She told KOAT.com that a short time later, Yoshi broke out of her yard while she was at school.

Martinez looked all around the neighborhood but couldn't find her missing dog. About a week after Yoshi disappeared, Martinez heard he may have been hit by a car, according to KOAT.com.

So how was Yoshi found? Fortunately the dog had been given a microchip implant. The microchip contained information about his owner and address. When Yoshi showed up at the shelter, workers checked the microchip and contacted Martinez. The dog was reportedly a bit underweight but in otherwise fine condition.

We hope you had a good time exploring America's Southwest, Yoshi, because something tells us you're gonna have a tough time escaping a second time.

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