Teen walks away from midair car collision unharmed, lands on feet

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

A 17-year-old boy miraculously walked away unharmed from a midair collision with a moving vehicle.

It was an unwise move, to say the least. But Daniel Jensen emerged unharmed after attempting to jump over a car that was speeding in his direction at 40 mph.

Shockingly, the stunt was entirely intentional. Jensen had one friend film the event while another friend drove her vehicle in a head-on course with the teen.

“Somehow I ended up doing a side flip and when I opened my eyes I saw the ground and landed on my feet,” Jensen wrote on his YouTube page. “I was in so much shock I just ran away from the car trying to get my mind together.”

“This is not fake,” The Tarzana, California, teen writes. “I have background footage and pictures of my legs and her windshield and all that. You can also see the windshield being busted if you slow down the first clip enough.”

Jensen told ninemsn he practiced the stunt by jumping over bricks. But when he attempts pull off the same stunt over the moving vehicle, his legs are clipped by the car’s rooftop. The impact causes Jensen’s body to flip midair, but he somehow lands on his feet.

“Oh, my god,” Jensen shouts as he runs toward the camera after landing safely. “I just cracked your windshield!”

Equally dumbstruck, the camera operator simply repeats Jensen’s own response, “Oh, my god. Oh, my god.”

Amazingly, Jensen appears more concerned with the damage done to the car than with his own narrow brush with death.

“I’m paying for it, I’m paying for it, I’m paying for it,” he repeatedly assures the unnamed teenage girl driving the vehicle. She responds, “I can’t drive. I can’t see anything.”