Teen makes tearful apology to wisdom teeth after surgery

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Some people will tell you that pain is the basis of spiritual growth. Sorrow, regret and eventually letting go are life lessons we all go through at some point.

But not all of us experience those painfully emotional moments in association with our wisdom teeth. And even fewer have had to deal with the moment being captured on video and posted to the delight of countless strangers.

But that’s exactly what Kansas teen Abbie Kritz is going through, after her boyfriend posted a video of Kritz lamenting the loss of her wisdom teeth while under the influence of pain medication.

"I did it against my own will, I would have kept you," Kritz says earnestly to the removed wisdom teeth, which she is holding inside a plastic jar while being driven home by her mother.

"I loved you from the first moment on."

Her boyfriend and mom can be heard laughing in disbelief as Kritz continues the soliloquy to her lost choppers.

"They were just trying to help me chew and I didn't accept them," she explains." I could have accepted them."

Eventually, Kritz came to terms with the situation. Or, put another way, the dentist’s drugs wore off. And for her part, Kritz appears to be taking in all the attention with a toothy smile.

“Oh my goodness it was awful,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “I just remember wanting to stop crying the whole time but I couldn't!”

Still, there’s no word on whether Kritz stands by her previous offer of putting the wisdom teeth back in place.

"They just wanted to be a part of my body and I said 'No, get out,'" she said tearfully in the video after making it back home. "I didn't meant it. You can come back if you want."

Then again, Kritz might be onto something, not just previously on something. While many people eventually have their wisdom teeth removed, there is growing opposition to having them removed without a clinical reason to do so.