Not-so-sweet Caroline: Woman billed more than $4,000 for Neil Diamond download

Mike Krumboltz
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Neil Diamond can sing. He can play. He can entertain. And he can also inspire a British woman vacationing in South Africa to download his greatest hits on her phone, leading to an incredible $4,350 bill, the Telegraph reports.

Of course, the woman, Katie Bryan, wasn't aware what the download would cost her. The math instructor told the Telegraph she discovered the data charge when she returned to the U.K. and received her cellphone bill.

Bryan, 43, told the Telegraph, "People were playing music through their iPads or on phones through an iPod dock. Someone had put on the Traveling Wilburys but I just fancied hearing some Neil Diamond. I don't know why. He's more my boyfriend's musical taste and I'm more of a James Blunt fan."

And so Bryan downloaded Diamond's greatest hits for what she thought was £8.99 ($15). Alas, she didn't count on the data charges. The Telegraph reports that Bryan was charged "£8 per megabyte once her 10MB monthly foreign allowance had been used up." All told, the download used up 326 MB of data. 

What can we say? Diamond is prolific.

Bryan reportedly complained to her cellphone carrier, which agreed to lower the bill to $700.  Bryan believes all the data charges should be reversed.

Via the Telegraph:

"You hear of people doing this and you think 'stupid person — why did you do that?' I do feel foolish."

"But I also feel it is morally wrong to be expected to pay this sort of money for a Neil Diamond album."

Perhaps. But can you really put a price on "Forever in Blue Jeans"? 

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