SUV driver honks at cyclists for five minutes

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

We all get a little annoyed on the road sometimes. A semi cuts us off. A sports car comes out of nowhere. Fortunately, most of us can brush off these encounters and move on.

"Most of us" clearly does not include this driver. The unidentified maniac behind the wheel  of the Ford SUV in the above video lays on the horn for a full five minutes while tailgating a group of cyclists in Colorado.

The video (which only captured two minutes of the harassment, but you'll definitely get the idea) was taken on Sunday morning on a narrow road. One of the riders, Dirk Friel, remarked to Colorado's KDVR, "It just wouldn't let up, it was absolutely insane."

The driver, who police have identified, has apparently done this sort of thing before. Shortly after the cyclists posted their video to the Web, a commenter mentioned a similar run-in with the black SUV.