Video of store clerk refusing 'armed' robber is mesmerizing

Mike Krumboltz
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Crime doesn't pay, especially for the man who tried and failed to rob a convenience store in Victoria, Australia.

The masked man was thwarted by employee Steve Ewart, who wasn't intimidated by the would-be robber's replica gun (despite the robber holding the gun in an I-mean-business sideways manner).

The robber, yet to be identified, had little choice but to turn around and exit. He didn't even grab a loaf of bread on his way out.

The security footage doesn't have sound, but Ewart, 46, spoke to about the experience. The conversation was part "Dirty Harry," part "Dumb and Dumber."


"He told me 'give me all your money.' And I said: 'It's not going to happen.' Then he pulled the gun out. Now, I've been around guns all my life and I knew he had a replica gun. So I said to him again: 'It's not going to happen.'"

"Then he had another go and said: 'Do you want to test me, mate?'"

"And I said, 'It's still only a cap gun, I'll test you all day." Then he gave up and left. It took the wind right out of his sails. I recognized it as a cap gun. It's a 1960s replica firearm."

Of course, standing up to armed robbers isn't usually the wisest course of action, but Ewart told MailOnline that he wasn't too worried that the foiled robber would come back with a real gun.

Police are currently investigating the crime. They believe the robber may have come into the store earlier that day, according to MailOnline.

The store has been held up four times in the past 18 months, according to the Bendigo Advertiser. Owner John Giles told the paper he is considering reducing hours or hiring security, but that shutting down the shop was not going to happen.

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