Stars, stripes and cats: Yahoo reader discovers the purrfect car decal

Eric Pfeiffer

We’re looking for answers after a Yahoo reader spotted this incredible rear window graphic decal in the San Diego suburbs on Wednesday.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the CarMeowNist Party? One thing's for sure -- whoever was driving this Hyundai through Southern California on Wednesday is a true patriot.

The image shows an American flag spread over the vehicle’s rear window, with five cats superimposed over the flag.

“My first thought when seeing the car was that it must be for some sort of pet service business,” Mark Winans told Yahoo News during a hard-hitting interview on Thursday. “But there appeared to be no company logos anywhere on the vehicle. My initial thought, which was purely tongue in cheek, is that whoever drives that car must have had one too many failed relationships."

Winans says he was driving through the Santee, Calif., when he pulled up behind the vehicle in question.

“The driver appeared to be a female, maybe in her 50s with grayish hair. It was quick glance, due to the fact that I didn't want to be that guy blatantly staring at her,” Winans said when asked if he had any direct interaction with the owner of the amazing decal.

And now we turn to you, the reader. Does anyone out there know the owner of this vehicle or where he or she might have purchased his or her decal? We’d like to give full credit where credit is due.

There are plenty of rear window decals out there -- eagles, horses and even some with cats .

But we have yet to track down an exact replica of this memorable piece of artwork. Something like this can’t stay hidden forever.