Star Wars attraction creates personalized figurine ‘frozen in carbonite’

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

'Star Wars Kinect' was met with a chilly reception by most adult fans of the world's most popular science fiction epic, but an unusual new offering from Disney might help thaw relations with disheartened loyalists.

Writing on the Disney Parks blog, merchandising manager Steven Miller says at this year's Star Wars Weekends (starting May 18), fans can partake in a "Carbon-Freeze Me" experience, in which they can create a personalized 8-inch replica of the carbonite casing used by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo in "The Empire Strikes Back."

Several cameras will capture images of the user's likeness, then impose the detailed image onto the 8-inch figurine. The carbonite replica will set you back $99.95 (plus shipping) and takes about four weeks to complete.

The figure is even designed to hang upright on a wall, much like Jabba the Hutt does with the frozen Han Solo in "Return of the Jedi." But hey, kids, don't get cocky. Unfortunately, the process does not come with a built-in rescue by Princess Leia.

And if that's not a close enough brush with the dark side of the Force for you, the "American Idol Experience" attraction is conveniently located next door.

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