South Carolina coroner candidate runs on platform of ‘saving lives’

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

It's not unusual for a politician to make promises and then fail to deliver on them. But one local candidate in Lexington, South Carolina, appears to have put a new spin on hyperbole.

Frank Barron is running to be Lexington's coroner, an elected government position, with the campaign slogan "Saving Lives." But how can someone who helps determine a person's cause of death actually help prevent someone from dying?

He even has a Facebook page asking people to "like" his campaign sign, which does seem a bit morbid. And Barron's Twitter account profile is a photo of him somberly working the scene of what appears to be a fatal car accident.

In fairness, Barron's slogan applies to his support for several public initiatives, including the state's seat belt law and a program for teenagers that encourages safe driving practices.

And the Republican is certainly qualified for the post he is seeking, having served seven times as president of South Carolina's Coroners Association.

Still, it's hard to deny the irony of such an unusual campaign slogan.

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