Would you stop to rescue a skunk with a cup stuck on its head? This guy did

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

Two guys are driving down Main Street in West Haven, Conn., minding their own business as they are on their way to Walgreens. And then, before their wondering eyes appears a confused skunk wandering along the road with a cup stuck on its head.

Most would drive past and mutter, "Eh, that's a shame." Not these two do-gooders. After a bit of humorous soul-searching, the driver pulls over, determined to rescue the stinky creature. But how do you do that without getting yourself sprayed?

Here's the full 5-minutes-plus video of the attempt. Warning for those with sensitive ears: Expletives are thrown.

The rescuer's name is Jeremi Lorenti, 20.

"I couldn't leave it there knowing it was in danger," he told Yahoo News.

Lorenti's trick: bravery, a love of animals and a blanket to block any sudden sprays.

"No stink whatsoever," Lorenti posted on Reddit. "I'd like to think the skunk somehow knew I was trying to help it."

As for the cop car that pulled over, "I asked the police officer if he could call animal control, but he said they did not run that late, and told me 'good luck,'" he said.

"As you see in the video, the next time he came by he just drove by."

Lorenti told Yahoo News "the moment when the car drove over it was probably the most intense moment in my life! I was glad to see it survived!"

Here are two GIFs to commemorate the fearless rescue. First, the laying of the blanket...

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And second, the yanking of the cup and the quick retreat...

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