Six generations of family gather, aged 111 years to 7 weeks

Eric Pfeiffer
May 14, 2012

More than 110 years separate Mollie Wood from her great, great granddaughter Braylin Marie Higgins. And in between the 111-year-old Wood and 7-week-old Higgins are four more living generations of women from the same West Virginia family.

Local CBS affiliate WCAV 19 was on hand to document the six generations of women gathering for Wood's birthday.

"We're ornery," said 39-year-old Marlo Shifflett, when asked to explain the longevity among the women in her family. "I think that's a lot of it. We're too ornery to stop!"

The family says Wood remained "sharp" through age 109, and her 88-year-old daughter Louise Minter continues to clean houses more than 30 years after retiring from a job with General Electric.

"It gives me a little extra money," she said. "I don't have to watch a dollar so careful."

And her own 70-year-old daughter Bette Goodson teaches a yoga and Pilates class three nights a week.

"It's an important part of my life," Goodson said.

Minter has her own theory of how her mother made it to 111: healthy living.

"She didn't drink, she didn't smoke. She took care of herself," she said.

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