Russian millionaire throws paper planes made of money into crowd

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Twenty-seven-year-old Russian millionaire Pavel Durov has earned himself plenty of new critics today after it was reported the mogul threw "paper planes" made of money from the windows of his St. Petersburg office into a growing crowd of pedestrians below.

Durov is the CEO of Vkontakte, or "In Contact," Russia's most popular social networking site and considered that country's equivalent to Facebook. reports that a growing crowd amassed to collect the 5,000-ruble notes, which are worth about $160 each. However, while Durov reportedly appeared amused by the crowd, he stopped throwing the cash planes from his office window after some spectators appeared to turn violent.

According to RT, Durov took to his Twitter account, writing, "We had to stop soon, though, as people turned into animals."

Still, Durov apparently neglected to take personal responsibility for the response and even promised that "definitely, more such actions are to follow."

At the end of the day, Durov, who is worth an estimated $260 million, apparently tossed down only about $2,000 in cash to the crowd.

This isn't the first unusual public stunt by Durov. He recently published a political manifesto that included his ideas on how to improve Russia's economy. According to Business Insider, two of those ideas include abolishing Russia's national currency and allowing foreign interests to purchase state land.

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