‘Romance secretary’ plans couple’s dates, writes text messages

Eric Pfeiffer

Brenndon Knox doesn't just offer dating advice. The entrepreneur is working with a 20-something New York couple, arranging their dates and even reminding them to respond to each other's text messages.

"I manage their schedules, I come up with fun, interesting date ideas, I do some light message relay," Knox, 25, told Headline News.

And the weirdest part? Not only does Knox's "Couples Consolidated" business remind the couple to stay in touch, he "sometimes plays middleman between the two, passing along cute messages," according to HLN.

27-year old Bianca Caampued and 24-year-old Aaron Small had reportedly only been dating for a few weeks when they put an ad up on Craigslist seeking the dating services that Knox, then unemployed, stepped up to provide.

"It's easy for both of them because I can harass the other without the other feeling annoying," he says.

So, is the whole thing a gimmick? Knox acknowledges the pair is his first and only client so far. But he does hope to expand his business model to other couples in the near future.

When asked to give an example of a fun date he came up with for the couple, Knox described how he arranged their schedules so they could spend a half hour together walking through a Whole Foods grocery store.

"They like doing things that are really out there, they're an adventurous couple," Knox said.

Because nothing says adventure like paying a third party to tell you when to meet you loved one for food shopping.