After a year, retired Air Force sergeant reunited with service dog from Iraq

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

They were partners while serving in Iraq. Now they'll get to enjoy retirement together.

Retired Air Force Tech. Sgt. David Simpson flew to Germany to be reunited with Robbie, his former canine partner from their time in Iraq, reports.

The two hadn't seen each other since last year, but Robbie ran to Simpson and began playing with him as if the two had never been seperated. Cameras captured their reunion, and though the footage is only 18 seconds, it still packs an emotional wallop.

Simpson retired from the Air Force last year. Robbie continued on until recently, when it was finally time for him to hang up his collar. 

The two will reportedly enjoy their time together in Simpson's hometown of Mulberry, Fla., along with Simpson's three children, according to

Simpson told that his goal is to let Robbie "have as much fun and relaxation for the rest of his life. I just want him to enjoy his retirement."

Cats, beware.

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