Red panda shows off its strength with pullups

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow
Red panda shows off its strength with pullups

The rigorous exercise regimen of an adorable red panda was recently caught on video and posted to Digital Spy.

The small arboreal mammal, which lives at the Panda World reserve in Fuzhou, China, was practicing its pullups—on hoop rings similar to those used by Olympic gymnasts—in front of an enraptured crowd.

We suspect the cuddly creature wasn't doing it because it loves to blast its biceps. Immediately after the panda finishes the routine, an attendant rewards it with a treat for a job well done.

The red panda is much smaller than its black-and-white cousin. It grows to the size of a regular house cat, according to National Geographic. The World Wildlife Fund lists the red panda population as fewer than 10,000.