QVC host faints on camera, co-host keeps on selling

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

It's not often that viewers experience genuine fear while watching QVC. Folks who tuned into the shopping channel on Sunday night were no doubt concerned when guest host Cassie Slane appeared to faint while plugging an Android tablet for kids.

After talking about how kids love educational games on tablets, Slane began patting her chest. She then stopped speaking and fell into co-host Dan Wheeler's arms as the camera quickly cut away. It's unclear what happened (a co-worker of hers mentioned low blood sugar), but Slane did recover. On her Facebook page, she wrote that she's "feeling alot [sic] better." QVC also released a statement saying that the network is "pleased to report that she is feeling fine now."

Wheeler's reaction to his co-host's fainting spell is priceless. Ever the pro, he kept listing the benefits of the Android tablet while the camera cut to a close-up of the device. As the off-screen viewer says in this clip, "Keep selling, buddy."