Doing their duty: Austin PD pick up potbellied pig

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Attention, all units: We have an A.P.B. for a P.I.G.

A potbellied porker was picked up by Austin, Texas, police and taken to a pet shelter after it was spotted wandering the streets.

An in-car camera shows a police officer picking up the pig and placing it in the back of his squad car like a wee adorable felon.

The cop then tells the pig not to poop in his car. Guess what happens next?

The pig promptly defies orders, leading to a rather comical exchange between man and beast.

You can watch the exchange above in the video from Austin's KXAN. According to KXAN, the pig's owners went to the shelter and found their pet.

No word on who got stuck with cleanup duty.