Pizza to go: Man crashes car into restaurant

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Valentino's To Go really brings in the customers (AP)
Valentino's To Go really brings in the customers (AP)

An elderly man accidentally drove his car through the front door of a pizza restaurant near Lincoln, Neb., around lunchtime on Wednesday. When witnesses rushed to see if the driver was OK, he asked if he could still order a pizza while he waited for the ambulance.

The unnamed pizza enthusiast was taken to a hospital but was apparently all right. The car (appropriately, a Honda Fit) managed to squeeze through the restaurant's front door, thus sparing the pizza parlor from any structural damage.

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A witness, Don Brouse, told KLKN-TV, "His foot had stuck on the gas, and he was going to go ahead and order some pizza ... so he wasn't too upset about it, evidently, but it sure was a surprise to us."

Firefighter Leo Benes said, "We all had concerns and talked about it en route ... that this time of day, this particular eating establishment, the lobby would be full."

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Fortunately, it was a slow day at Valentinos Pizza To Go. Nobody was injured in the wreck, despite the car literally coming to rest in the restaurant's lobby.