Photographer helps couple re-create wedding day photos

Claudine Zap

After the wedding’s over, it’s the photos that keep the memories of the day.
So imagine a couple’s devastation when one of the rolls of film sent to the photo lab of their big day went missing, at least temporarily. One photographer understood, and stepped in to help.
According to the CBS 13 in Sacramento, newlyweds Pam and Howard Waelder, who married about a week ago, couldn’t afford a photographer, so a friend took pictures with a film camera. Of the two rolls sent to the developer, only one came back.

The couple told their story to the local news to plead for the return of their lost pictures, perhaps mistakenly given to another customer.
Enter photographer Michael Hall. The Sacramento professional offered his services to the newlyweds to help them re-create their special day.
“Pretty horrible thing to have happen, to have half your wedding photos disappear,” Hall told CBS 13. He added he was able to help “make some lasting memories.”
The couple kissed for the camera, capturing a picture-perfect moment they thought was lost.

Making the loss even more poignant, the couple doesn't have much time left together: According to CBS 13, Howard has some serious health issues.

“I finally found the love of my life,” Pam Waelder told CBS 13. “And I’m going to lose him soon. It means a lot, because I’ll have those forever, even after he’s not around anymore.”
CBS 13 notes that the Walgreens store that misplaced the photos finally tracked them down, giving the couple even more memories to treasure.