"Peter Pan" proposes to "Wendy" during live stage performance

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

He’s known as the boy who wouldn’t grow up, but it looks as if Peter Pan is finally getting married. During a stage production of "Peter Pan" in Glasgow, Scotland, on Saturday the actor playing Peter Pan  proposed publically to the actress playing Wendy Darling during the finale of a live performance.

“So, ladies and gentlemen, normally this show would continue with Peter Pan watching Wendy and giving her a kiss,” Sandor Sturbl, 28, says as the production comes to a halt. “Although this is not a normal show this evening. It’s not Peter Pan looking at Wendy.”

Sturbl then goes on to note that he has been dating his co-star, Jane Mary Sullivan, 22, whose stage name is Lilly-Jane Young. Sturbl notes that the performance is taking place in her hometown and that her family is in attendance. (This production of "Peter Pan" is part of a world tour that was in Glasgow Jan. 11-13.)

“This is not a normal show,” he said. “This is the perfect moment, the perfect place.”

Sturbl then pulls out an engagement ring, kneels and proposes. Young quickly says yes, and the audience bursts into loud applause as the newly engaged couple embrace then exit the stage.

Aside from potential embarrassment involved in a public proposal, Sturbl took a pretty big risk, interrupting the end of the performance to make his proposal. But the audience and his fellow cast members could not have seemed more supportive.

It’s the third high-profile proposal this week. Early today, it was reported that a man proposed while diving in shark-filled waters off the coast of Mexico.

That came just a few days after a man made a proposal while flying a jet – and performed a barrel roll to celebrate.

Of course, when it comes to unusual or inappropriate wedding proposals, it’s going to be tough to top the Chicago man who proposed to his girlfriend after pretending that the plane he was piloting was about to crash. Amazingly, she said yes.