Pet dog saves two children from deadly snake

Eric Pfeiffer

An Australian family's dog is being called a hero after it rescued two young girls from a snake attack.

18-month-old River spotted a two-foot-long brown snake hiding under a children's swing just as 7-year-old Michelle Lynch and 2-year-old Kaylee were headed its way. The brown snake is considered the second-most deadly land snake, whose venom is strong enough to easily kill an adult human.

"Michelle loves River, and River loves Michelle. Kaylee thinks that River is a fantastic toy," said Ben Lynch.

The snake reared its head at the two girls, ready to attack, when River jumped to their defense.

"River came bursting out and jumped on the snake," Michelle Lynch said of her rescuer. Unfortunately, River was bitten in the attack and began to suffer from paralysis a few hours later. The Lynch family took River to the vet, where he is receiving anti-venom and is expected to make a full recovery.

"They're a pack animal and we're their pack so it's definitely their instinct to get in there, especially when kids are involved," said Catherine Lynch. "She's a very sweet, friendly dog. She's very much part of our family," said Catherine Lynch.

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