Penguins tumble in ‘Spy in the Huddle’ outtakes

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Penguins may not be the most majestic of creatures, but they do know how to take a tumble and keep on waddling.

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The BBC's nature program "Penguins -- Spy in the Huddle" placed dozens of hidden cameras among the penguin colonies. The captured footage is beautiful, but if you ask us, the outtakes in the video above are also worth a view.

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In the above montage, penguins look like high-heeled college students walking back to the dorms on an icy sidewalk. While some of the slips and trips look painful, the penguins don't appear to be too bothered or embarrassed. They fall, get up, shake off the sting, and keep on moving.