Penguins on parade in African-themed costumes

Claudine Zap

Penguins already are a dapper-looking bunch. But add African-themed costumes to the black-and-white birds, put them in a parade and you’ve got quite a sight.

The march of the dressed-up penguins is making waves on the Web. According to Sky News, the birds were trotted out in African garb at the Yokohama's Hakkeijima Sea Paradise amusement park to honor 50 African leaders visiting the country.

The black-footed African penguins in their jaunty outfits waddled around for visitors and then hopped down a flight of stairs to show off their new looks.

Yuichi Yoshimoto, caretaker at the attraction, said he hoped the leaders, in town for the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, would come by to take a look.