Paw Warz: the Force is strong with these kittens

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

“A while ago, in a litter box not close at all….”

If you love Star Wars, or at least love cats, you’ll enjoy this video. And if you enjoy them both, well, happy Friday.

This new video from The Pet Collective is a re-imagining of the Death Star trench run from the first Star Wars film, A New Hope.

But instead of a planet destroying space station, we now bear witness to an oversized tennis all, chew toy Tie Fighters and the heroic power of … furballs.

The Trench Run Scene is the third and final Paw Wars video from The Pet Collective. You can watch the earlier installments, “Not the Toiz you’re looking for,” and “Haz definitely shot first.”

But don’t worry, even if you find these videos a bit odd, the Furs will be with you, always.