Part man, part machine, all statue. Behold RoboCop

Mike Krumboltz

A sculptor stands with RoboCop statue (photo: Across the Board Creations)
A sculptor stands with RoboCop statue (photo: Across the Board Creations)

Remember the hubbub about the proposed RoboCop statue from a few years ago? Stay out of trouble, because it's happening.

The artists at Across the Board Creations released a series of in-progress photos of its RoboCop statue. Though still not finished, the sculpture is coming together quite nicely.

For those who slept through the '80s, "RoboCop" was a movie starring Peter Weller as an honest cop who is nearly killed in the line of duty. He gets a second chance at crime-busting when he becomes the indestructible and incorruptible RoboCop. The movie spawned lackluster sequels. A remake is scheduled for next year.

Standing 10 feet tall and looking appropriately intimidating, the Fred Barton sculpture was made from foam, wax, clay and (of course) steel, according to a recent Kickstarter update. Next, the statue will go to Detroit's Venus Bronze Works for casting and manufacturing in bronze.

The statue was funded via Kickstarter in 2011, when it raised $67,436 from folks around the world eager to see RoboCop in the Motor City. It's unclear where the statue, once complete, will serve the public trust, protect the innocent and uphold the law. Jalopnik speculates that Roosevelt Park could be "at the top of the list."

Wherever he goes, the crime stats are sure to fall.