Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday: Parents welcome quads on dad's birthday

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News
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It's every parent's ... dream?

A Texas couple welcomed not one, not two, not three, but four (!) healthy babies on Monday. That's in addition to Anna and Joshua Hall's two daughters, ages 2 and 4. The foursome's big debut came on dad's 36th birthday, a fact that he says will make future birthdays hard to top, CBS-Dallas reports.

The babies, three girls and a boy, were born prematurely and will have to stay in the neonatal intensive-care unit until they are deemed strong enough to go home with mom and dad.  Doctors think that may take about six weeks. Still, the newborns — Brooks, Elle, Sadie and Ivy — are breathing on their own and doing well.

Though the babies were born earlier than the standard nine months, they did stay in the womb for an impressive 32 weeks, which is two and a half weeks longer than the average set of quadruplets, according to NBCDFW.com.

Their parents say they think they know what they're in for when the quads come home.

"We've been hearing about 40 bottles a day and 80-plus diapers a day," Anna Hall said. "And, yeah. We'll have our hands full."

Hall said she and her husband were "going for No. 3" in an attempt to have a son when the quads were conceived. "We did get him," she said. "Just with three more sisters. So it was a blessing." 

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