Operation Aqua-Bambi: Paddle boarders assist in deer rescue

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

The words "paddle boarders" and "deer rescue" don't often belong in the same sentence, but when they do, it's usually a story worth writing about.

Two paddle boarders helped authorities from New Hampshire Fish and Game and the Hampton, N.H., police department rescue two deer that had wandered into the ocean Friday.

Paddle boarders Matthew Roy and Eric Tidman told WMUR that they were enjoying their morning out on the water near Hampton Beach when they saw two deer struggling to swim in the surf. Authorities were called, and Operation: Aqua-Bambi was underway.

The rescue took more than two hours, and the paddle boarders ended up playing a big role. Initially, rescue crews attempted to coax the deer back to the beach, according to WMUR. However, rather than return to shore, the distressed and clearly exhausted deer kept swimming.

The paddle boarders, who we're guessing had no idea their morning was going to take a turn for the heroic, paddled out into the ocean to assist. Roy used a snare pull provided by animal control officers to bring in one deer. The other deer was later tackled by authorities when it swam in closer to the beach.

Both deer were fine and were released into a nearby forest later that day.

Authorities credited the paddle boarders for their help, but Roy was quick to give credit back to the police and fish and game departments.

"Honestly, they helped a lot," Roy told WMUR. "I think they're giving us too much credit."

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