Outrage over “scream rooms” at Connecticut elementary school

Eric Pfeiffer

The Farm Hill Elementary School in Middletown, Connecticut has fallen under scrutiny after parents objected to the use of "scream rooms" to discipline special needs students.

Reports claim that custodians cleaning the two so-called scream rooms found blood and urine on the floors and walls. Several students also reportedly complained about the sounds of other children shouting from the rooms.

The rooms themselves are described as very small six-by-four-foot "book rooms."

Parent Shawn Archer said he and other parents never received notification about the school's use of the rooms. Archer reports further that his 10-year-old daughter is afraid of the facilities. "She doesn't want to go to school," Archer said. "She's constantly in the nurse's office trying to get out of there."

"I don't want them to use this as a tool to gain control of students," he said. "I think it's poor judgment on somebody's behalf."

Board of Education Chairman Gene Nocera told foxnews.com that officials have received several complaints about the "scream rooms" and are launching an investigation.

"We understand the parents' concern and we take their concerns very seriously," Nocera said. "We want to be sure our students are being treated safely." Nocera added that school policy clearly states that no child is to be left alone at any time.

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