No pictures! Squirrel pulls a Baldwin on selfie-taking teen

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Park-dwelling squirrels and Hollywood celebs have something in common: Neither like to have their picture taken.

A teenage boy and his mother were hiking through John Chesnut Sr. Park in Palm Harbor, Fla., when they came across a particularly adorable squirrel.

Brian Genest, 17, stopped to take a selfie with the rodent. At first things went well. But then, a moment later, chaos.

The squirrel went haywire, leaping onto Brian's back and then down his shirt, all while his mom snapped pictures of the melee with her own camera.

The initial selfie and the ensuing behind-the-scenes madness quickly went viral. Brian spoke to WFTS about his run-in with the furry creature.

"I just started flailing around," Brian said. "The only way I could get it off me was I ended up doing a stop-drop-and-roll kind of thing."

As for mom, she ended up helping her son, but only after she got a few snapshots of the battle between man and beast.

Something tells us Brian's going to remember this when Mother's Day rolls around.

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