News helicopter helps police nab reckless motorcycle thief

Mike Krumboltz

A TV news helicopter in Southern California helped police keep tabs on a reckless man on a motorcycle who apparently thought he had outrun his pursuers.

On Wednesday afternoon, cops spotted him weaving in and out of traffic and nearly causing several collisions. Police attempted to pull the man over, but he sped away.

It's unclear if police completely lost sight of the rider, but we do know that the news chopper stayed on him. The copter followed the rider as he exited the freeway, got off his motorcycle, and walked into a house.

He came out a short time later with a woman. They then walked to a nearby AutoZone store as if

la-dee-da it was just another day in good old East Los Angeles.

When the bad-boy biker came out, police were waiting. He was arrested and taken into custody. LAPD said the motorcycle had been reported stolen, according to NBC Los Angeles.