TV news reporter pummeled by wave of snow

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

After being absolutely blasted by a passing snowplow's wall of slush on live television, most people would be in no mood to see the lighter side of the situation. Bless his heart, Steve Keeley isn't one of them.

The newscaster with Fox 29 in Philadelphia was reporting on the latest snowstorm to slam the Northeast.  Standing approximately 20 feet from the side of a New Jersey road, Keeley was chatting with his colleagues in the studio about the need for more snowplows to clear roadways there.

Cue the law of Murphy.

The moment is memorialized in GIF. You can watch the full video over at

Here's the GIF of a plow dumping snow on Fox 29's S... on Twitpic
Here's the GIF of a plow dumping snow on Fox 29's S... on Twitpic

A few moments later, a convoy of immense snowplows drives past Keeley as the camera continues to roll. The first two pass without incident. The third plow rockets a wall of snow at Keeley's back, briefly turning the entire screen white. You can hear people in the Fox 29 studio scream, obviously worried about whether Keeley was OK.

He was. Heck, the guy continued on with his report as if it were just another day in the life. That's a pro, folks.

Later in the newscast, Keeley spoke about his close encounter with Mike Jerrick of "Good Day Philadelphia."

Keeley said, "You know I've spent my whole time here, ever since the invention of YouTube. I have done everything I could to avoid being a YouTube star, and I think that hit will be on YouTube."

He also joked about the run-in on Twitter, saying it might have been a conspiracy.

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