Michelle Obama’s comedy skit promotes voting (VIDEO)

Claudine Zap

Election Day is coming up on November 6, and Michelle Obama is definitely doing her part to get out the vote.

The first lady showed up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to remind the audience that even though Election Day is not yet here, in some states early voting is already available. "We live in a country, fortunately, where they make sure voting is as easy as possible," she said.

And when all else fails and you forget to vote? OK, not you, but what if Jimmy Kimmel forgets? Well, Obama has a plan for that, too.

Demonstrating her comedy chops, the first lady appeared in a skit where she comes to the talk-show host's house early on Election Day. A bullhorn is involved.

Michelle Obama, drill sergeant, squawks through a megaphone to a peacefully sleeping Kimmel, "It's Election Day! Up and at 'em!" Get your things on, move it, move it! Out the door!"

A traumatized Kimmel jumps out of bed and runs out of the room. Obama yells at the departing comedian, "And eat your carrots!"

After the skit, Obama clarified she wants everyone to vote, even those not pulling the lever for her husband. "No matter who you're voting for--vote. That's the point."