Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell team up for anti-obesity PSA

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

We know what you were thinking. If you ignored Michelle Obama's pleas to you to eat your vegetables and get off the couch, she'd eventually forget about it and leave you alone.

Fat chance. The first lady, with an assist from a charmingly clueless Will Ferrell, sat down with a focus group of kids to talk about the importance of eating right and exercising often. The playful public service announcement is well worth a watch.

At one point, Obama asks the kids to name their favorite fruit or vegetable. Ferrell interrupts and says, "Let me guess, cabbage?"

Later, Ferrell asks if the kids would be interested in having a krill oil-supplement sandwich in their lunches.

Perhaps the biggest laughs come when Obama asks the kids who their favorite comedian is. "Jimmy Fallon," they say, much to Ferrell's faux annoyance.

He then whispers to Obama: “You’re lucky I didn’t ask them who their favorite first lady is.”

The pair recently appeared alongside "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon for an exercise-focused sketch titled "Ew!"

Might as well hit the gym, folks. She's not giving up or going away.

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