Meredith Vieira: World's most clueless Twitter user?

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

We don't know exactly what she was trying to say, but we do know one thing: Meredith Vieira doesn't always employ a professional tweeter.

The journalist and television personality let loose with a string of tweets that prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that your Uncle Frank isn't the world's most clueless user of the popular social platform.

Vieira was apparently attempting to express her well-wishes to a friend.

Here are just a few tweets from the train wreck.

Thinkinbg about what, Meredith?

Yes, yes, we know!

OK, sounds serious. Flash-forward to the (almost) end:

Stu? Who's Stu?

Indeed she is. Maybe she was tweeting from a mobile device? One in which the keys had been rearranged by mischievous gnomes?

But in fairness to Vieira, she isn't the only celeb who has failed to grasp the intricacies of microblogging. After an evening of typos and apparent non sequiturs back in 2010, Martha Stewart was accused by some of being three sheets to the wind. She responded:

Gotcha. Moving on. Companies can also be guilty of poor tweeting. Twitter account @urtweetsrbad gathers the worst tweets from company accounts. These aren't exactly indecipherable so much as they are shameless pleas for retweets.

A few examples called out by the account: