Meet Norma and Norman Burmah, the longest-living married couple in the U.S.

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, but it’s hard to not smile at the story of Norma and Norman Burmah, who were recently given the title of longest-living married couple in the United States.

The Burmahs were married more than 82 years ago on Jan. 26, 1931. Norma is the spring chicken of the pair and will celebrate her 100th birthday on July 4. Norman is 102.

"We knew our grandparents were Louisiana’s longest-married couple and were pretty sure they were the longest-living African-American couple in the United States, but the fact that they could be the country’s longest-living married couple is just phenomenal,” granddaughter Glenda McKinley said in a statement. “We see them as our national treasure.”

Together, the Burmahs have had two daughters, six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

According to a recent study published in Time Magazine, couples have a 57 percent chance of making it to their 15th wedding anniversary. If they stay together beyond that, the odds heavily favor them staying married forever.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal recognized the couple for the longevity of their marriage last year. But as McKinley noted, the recognition was overdue. For instance, just last year, another couple was cited as the longest-living married couple in the U.S. even though they were technically married two years after the Burmahs, in 1933.

The Burmahs still live independently despite their advanced age. As noted in a press release touting their milestone, the couple have lived through several historic moments together, including the Great Depression, World War II and, more recently, Hurricane Katrina.