Maryland's health care exchange site asking weird, personal questions: ‘Where were you when you had your first kiss?’

Eric Pfeiffer
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Visitors to the Maryland health care exchange site may find themselves being asking some unusual questions, like where they were on Setpember 11, 2001, and what was the name of their first stuffed animal.

Local affiliate WBAL was first to report that some residents were complaining of the unusual questions, which appear as part of the sign-up process for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Yahoo News was able to confirm those reports during a walk-through of the site’s enrollment process.

After providing personal information, including one’s Social Security number, individuals are asked three personal security questions.

On first glance, the questions are typical for sites that have security protocols in place to help protect people from identity theft, or to help them regain access to a site if they’ve lost their password or username.

But when someone scrolls down among the suggested security questions, a number of odd choices pop up.

“What was the name of your first stuffed animal?”

“Where were you when you had your first kiss?”

“What is the first name of the boy or girl that you first kissed?”

“What is the name of the place your wedding reception was held?”

“What is the name of a college you applied to but didn’t attend?”

“Where were you when you first heard about 9/11?”

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Maryland’s health care exchange site, Maryland Health Connection, has reportedly suffered a number of setbacks since it was first launched. Although state officials have embraced the ACA enrollment effort, only 3,758 individuals had signed up for coverage through the site at the end of November.

The exchange’s former director resigned last week amid an uproar over a number of technical glitches that have plagued the site.

And the new director of the Maryland exchange is currently the subject of a $1 million personal injury lawsuit.