Man walks backward, video goes forward

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

A single-take video featuring an artist walking through the streets of Jerusalem scored over 1 million views during its first day on YouTube.

What's so great about a guy who can walk? In this case, the artist, Messe Kopp, walked backward while the video was filmed. It looks like he's walking forward only because the video is actually playing in reverse.

The effect is pretty neat. Table legs fly from Kopp's hands. Picture frames start out broken and then—voila!—they're whole again. The music by Fred V & Grafix isn't bad, either.

Of course, the idea of shooting a film backward is nothing new. The Pharcyde's video for "Drop" features a similar technique. And there are many other examples. But we still have to give props to Kopp, not only for his ability to stroll backward without tripping on a curb, but for his courage to make the video in the first place. Poor guy must have looked like a lunatic.

In fact, you can watch that (original) version and judge for yourself.