Man sentenced for driving while ‘intoxicated’ on drum and bass music

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Drum and bass is a style of music, not a mind-altering substance. But one unfortunate driver in the U.K. might disagree after he was arrested and sentenced in court over what the judge called driving under the "intoxicating" effects of drum and bass, reports the Bristol Post.

For the uninitiated, drum and bass is a form of fast-paced electronic music that first rose to prominence in the 1990s.

And apparently there is some unspoken correlation between driving and drum and bass music. After all, it has appeared prominently in such automotive-themed productions as the video game series Grand Theft Auto and the hugely popular car show “Top Gear.”

The Post explains that Aaron Cogley, 25, was allegedly driving erratically through the streets of Bristol. So, police pulled him over, assuming Cogley was impaired through the consumption of alcohol or another substance.

But when police arrested Cogley and gave him a Breathalyzer test, they found he was neither drunk nor stoned.

"When asked about it, he said he was listening to drum and bass and was in a hurry," prosecutor Mark Hollier told Bristol Crown Court.

Cogley, a professional driver, reportedly ran multiple red lights and nearly collided with another motorist.

"It was stupid. He was carried away because of the intoxicating effects of drum and bass music," said defense attorney David Miller.

Ultimately, Cogley pleaded guilty to reckless driving. He’s been banned from driving for a year and must take a new driver’s test before he can get his license back.

“Police thought you had taken something," Judge Kevin De Haan told Cogley, who described drum and bass as "intoxicating for some. Very irritating for others."