Man proposes to girlfriend ― online

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News
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We've seen marriage proposals in video games and on Twitter. We've seen them on Jumbotrons and on pumpkins. Now let us add BuzzFeed to the list.

Yes, BuzzFeed.

Web-savvy romantic Johnny Marzolph posted an elaborate proposal to his special lady on the BuzzFeed community site. Titled "7 Years, 11 Months And 1 Day In The Making," the post details Marzolph's relationship with Crystal Lozano, the woman who will hopefully say yes to his public proposal.

They went to high school together and met in freshmen math class. Marzolph writes to Lozano, "We started out as friends, and remain best friends to this day." Later, he writes, "We went from High School Sweethearts, to… whatever the equivalent of that is for College."

The post continues with details of the relationship. Trips to Europe. Moving in together. Asking Lozano's parents for their OK with the proposal.

Johnny lays on the sentiment pretty thick. But hey, we're not hating. If there's definitely a time to go all out with quotes about Prince Charming and embedded videos of Rod Stewart, it's during a BuzzFeed proposal.

He ended his online proposal by asking that Lozano meet him at the high school where they first met all those years ago. Oh, the suspense!

As of press time, the big moment had yet to occur. But Marzolph was keeping his Facebook friends updated on how things were going. One of his friends posted, "This is so exciting!!!" Another wrote, "Marz you are a genius!!!"

It would be easy to lament the love-struck fella's decision to share a private moment with the entire world. But rather than judge from atop Mt. Cool, let us take this opportunity to wish Johnny the best of luck with his e-proposal. In BuzzFeed parlance, we hope it's a win and not a fail.

UPDATE: She said yes! Congrats, guys.

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