Man pops the question midflight, does a barrel roll to celebrate

The Sideshow

Where did you propose? At a candle-lit restaurant? On a mountain hike?  At a "Home Depot 30 percent off all plumbing supplies (some restrictions may apply)" sale?

Nice try, but those places pale in comparison to Greg's locale for popping the question.

Greg (no last name given, no last name needed, for he is now and forever Greg, God of Romance) took girlfriend Jenn up on a two-person plane ride. He attached a camera to the windshield to record his special lady's reaction.

Subtitles detail the conversation the two have over in-plane headsets. "Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?" Greg asks. Jenn replies, "Not everything."

Greg answers back, "What else were you looking for?" Jenn, clearly not one for beating around the bush, says, "I wanted a ... husband."

Greg plays a few games here, asking if he heard her right. She wanted a necktie? No, Jenn laughs.

Greg then says he found a stocking stuffer that must have been kicked under the bed. He put it in the seatback pocket in front of her. Jenn gets the ring.

"Will you be my wife?" asks Greg. "Yes!" says Jenn. And Greg does a barrel roll to celebrate.

¡Viva el amor!

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