Man pretends to be police officer in front of police officer

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow
Roland Herrera (photo: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office)

Impersonating a police officer is always a case of Bad Idea Jeans. Even worse: impersonating a police officer in front of an actual police officer.

Apparently nobody told Roland Herrera. The 63-year-old tried his make-believe skills on an off-duty detective at a Pueblo, Colo., cellphone store. The detective was neither fooled nor amused.

The Pueblo Chieftain reports that the would-be Rich Little entered the store and approached the off-duty detective, who was speaking with a sales clerk. Herrera then reportedly asked the detective why he had so many phones.

Things went off the rails after Herrera accused the detective of being a drug dealer and insisted that he hand over his drugs.

From the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office:

The man then identified himself as “a cop” and ordered the detective to turn over his drugs to him. The detective asked the individual to show him his credentials and again the man told the detective to “give him the drugs.”

That's when, according to the Chieftain, the real police officer flashed his own badge and placed the imposter under arrest.

In the media release, Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor took the opportunity to remind citizens that "any law enforcement officer, when requested to, is required to show you credentials." Herrera is being held at the Pueblo County Detention Facility, according to the Sheriff's Department.