'A miracle I survived'

Mike Krumboltz

After he swerved to avoid hitting another driver on his way to work last November, motorist Jason Wilcox's pickup truck rolled eight times. 

"I've been told by numerous people, it's a miracle I survived," Wilcox told KETV-Omaha.

One look at his trashed pickup and you might agree. The vehicle's cabin was completely flattened, turning the red Ford truck into a mess of twisted steel and broken glass. Wilcox was reportedly thrown from the truck during the crash.

In the interview with KETV, Wilcox says that knowing that he almost wasn't around for his wife, who is expecting a baby girl any day now, pained him the most. 

He is by no means back to full strength, however. He says he's lost count of the many surgeries he's had. "I'd have to put it around 10 to 13," he told KETV.

A page set up to raise funds for Wilcox's recovery says he suffered 10 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a fractured tailbone and a torn aorta. 

His wife, Sarah, told the station that she's been "trying to troop through it all." But despite everything, she says she still feels lucky.

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