Man climbs rock like a monkey

Claudine Zap

Most people need climbing gear to scale a sheer rock face. But not the “Monkey Man.”

In a video shot on the Railay Peninsula in Thailand, Neu, known locally as “Monkey Man,” demonstrates his skills using only his bare hands and what looks like some chalk to help with his grip. Canadian trip leader John Early, who made the video, leads tour groups around Thailand.

“We asked our good friend Neu, aka ‘Monkey Man,’ to do a bit of freestyle demonstration while visiting Phra Nang Beach. The entire beach was captivated. Even the monkeys were mystified,” Early told Storyful.

The travel guide told Yahoo News that Neu, a rock climbing guide, is a legend on Railay. "He has been climbing his whole life and no longer gets invited to local competitions 'cause he wins them all." Early added that Monkey Man "is very humble and only climbs publicly when our guides ask him."

Intrigued? The video, taken a few weeks ago, is worth watching until the end. That’s when Neu shows off his most challenging moves.

About three minutes in, the Monkey Man moves across the underside of a low-hanging rock, seeming to defy gravity. His hands and feet stick to the rock surface a la Spider-Man. He pauses as if to contemplate his plan before swinging his body and propelling his legs through the air. There is no room for error, and his timing and balance are perfect.

At the end of the video, Neu, not content to have mastered a cliff, scampers to the top of a tall tree, aping a monkey’s moves. Please, don’t try this at home, or the zoo.