Why did Macaulay Culkin make a boring video of himself eating a slice of pizza?

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There are must-see videos, and then there are videos of Macaulay Culkin eating a slice of pizza.

Just – you know – sitting around, eating a slice of pizza. Looks like cheese, maybe. Ripping at the crust, adding some spice, and crumpling up the brown paper bag like a boss.

Not watching this video won't be a regret whispered to a loved one on your deathbed. But if you have a few extra minutes, give the "Home Alone" star's home video a watch. We'll explain more in a bit.

Still there? OK, turns out there's a story to the video. Culkin was apparently offering his take – a homage, if you will – on the great Andy Warhol, who once "starred" in a short video that featured him eating a hamburger from Burger King. Warhol's carnivorous clip was part of a bizarre '80s film called "66 Scenes from America," directed by Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth.

Curious? Have it your way, below. Note that both videos are exactly 4 minutes, 28 seconds.

So, why did Culkin post a video imitating Warhol? That's between him and his god. But we do know Culkin is a fan of rock pioneer's the Velvet Underground, which had a strong association with the never-dull icon. Culkin is part of a Velvet Underground cover band called – wait for it – the Pizza Underground.

Now it all makes sense. Sort of.

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