LG shows off new TV with 'apocalypse' prank

Mike Krumboltz

Job interviews are stressful enough without your suddenly thinking you have moments to live.

But that's the unlikely scenario LG turns to to hawk its new ultra-HD 84" television in an online ad that's gone viral.

In it, unsuspecting job applicants are pranked into thinking the apocalypse is upon them with a giant meteor strike seen through the picture window behind their prospective boss.

A sudden look of horror appears on the applicants' faces as doomsday unfolds outside and a ball of fire appears in the sky.

Then it hits. Arghh!

Except not really. 'Twas all a ruse. Everyone's fine, and people watching from home get a nice chuckle. The window is not a window at all. It's the new TV. The point? Look how real it looks.

Yahoo News spoke with Eduardo Troncoso, marketing manager for LG TV, in Chile about whether real applicants were being scared or if everybody was just acting.

Troncoso said he couldn't confirm if the interviewees were actors, because he didn't want to take away from the spot's popularity. However, he did say that LG is a "serious company and would not put unsuspecting people in harmful situations."

So, yeah. Actors. Still, though. Funny.