Kitten’s surprise attack fail: A favorite video from 2012


Yahoo! editors have selected this video as a favorite of 2012. It first ran in Yahoo! Screen in June and was one of the most popular viral cat videos.

This video of a cat's failed surprise attack, which caught the attention of a feline-loving Web, reminds us that work is overrated. After all, why focus on a job when you can watch adorable cat antics instead?

The video captures the strategy of a cat who thinks it’s about to attack another cat sitting under a table in another room. As the orange cat hides behind a doorway, ready to pounce, the black cat simply goes out a different way.

When the orange puffball jumps out for the surprise, he's surprised to see the black cat is gone. Naturally, he walks farther into the room, looking for his nemesis. But the black cat, with a cartoon-like sense of comic timing, sneaks up behind the orange one—and jumps.

The counterattack is on! A halfhearted chase ensues.